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Why Sell with Harcourts Prime Properties?

Why Use Bob Wolff When Selling Your Home?


After 40 years successfully helping buyers buy and sellers sell, Bob can be the difference between a "good" real estate transaction and a "great" real estate transaction, as proven time again by achieving industry recognized results in both these fields! With over 40 years experience and understanding that not every client is the same nor every deal identical, Bob will work with you, defining your needs and providing everything you need to know about the home buying and selling process. 


In order to help best achieve your selling needs and maximizing your position in the market, Bob offers a tailored selling process consisting of cutting edge marketing and industry leading negotiation skills to help achieve your best possible result. When marketing your property for sale, Bob provides the following benefits:

1. Number one is energy. Bob provides an unrivaled energy level and will work for his sellers - so much so that Bob's attitude towards life and all things real estate becomes infectious!! Bob's drive and determination to work for his seller ensures you're employing a realtor who eats, sleeps and breaths your property and personal needs. 

2. Unsurpassed real estate knowledge and experience allows for a less stressful selling period right from getting your property ready for market through to problem avoidance during closing... all vital components ensuring shorter days on market and a higher sale price!

3. With over 64 years experience in the industry, Bob brings a professional team with him to your property, catering for every need and demand sellers have when facing the realities of selling real estate. This results in Harcourts offering the highest possible service and the "easiest" possible transaction. 

4. With Bob's ability to guide you on property improvements and recommended cosmetic work that significantly enhances the "saleability" of your property, Bob provides access to time-tested professional contractors and service people who assist with everything from carpet cleaning to paperwork, again, ensuring the smoothest of transactions possible. 

5. Bob hails from a title and escrow family, once specializing in the business of settlement services himself, Bob has a vital knowledge and experience in closing procedures. Often, escrow proves the time when "know-how" can mean the difference between successfully closing or losing a deal!

Bob commits to treating all transactional parties with honesty and integrity. Working on a strict code of personal and business ethics, Bob's results are produced from a staggering 95% repeat and referral clientele base. With a recent independent survey reporting that 84% of home buyers would use the same realtor again, at Harcourts Prime Properties we look forward to superseding your real estate expectations and making you a client for life!


"The best move you can take, is the move you'll make with Bob Wolff"

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