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Why Buy with Harcourts Prime Properties: Monarch Beach?

An Organization's Culture is Built on its Values

We Create Success

Whenever anyone interacts with the organization, they must be more successful for that interaction. Whether the person is a client, a business owner operating a Harcourts franchise, or a receptionist, the organization is committed to assisting and ensuring that that person achieves their goals, whatever they may be.

A large percentage of Harcourts growth is organic, a reflection of this commitment. Harcourts business philosophy is based on this purpose and four specific values that are communicated frequently throughout the organization. These values guide the decicions-making and behavior of every individual within the harcourts group. Not only does this contribute enormously to an enhanced client experience, it also determines how members of the team work together, creating an environment where team members are just as determined to assist each other as they are to satisfy their clients.

1) People First.
2) Doing the Right Thing.
3) Being Courageous.
4) Fun and Laughter.

TRAINING: Having the very best people is fundamental to Harcourts success

However providing them with the opportunity to be the very best practitioners is equally imperative. The organization has recognized that a basic human need is growth -- both personal and professional. Satisfying this not only delivers on the group's purpose to create success for every individual within the organization but it also provides a compelling reason for people to stay with the organization.

TECHNOLOGY: Maintaining industry leadership

Technology, specifically the Internet, has had and will continue to have a profound and far reaching impact on the public, our lifestyles, buying products and services and information gathering therefore creating the greatest opportunity for change and growth of any business.

Harcourts One
Harcourts has a proprietary system -- Harcourts One -- using the very latest Microsoft platform, which is a fully integrated, fully-online program that manages client databases and e-mail marketing, appraisal, listing and sales management, trust accounting and commission calculation, combining an internal social media platform. international referral system and all linking through to a fully integrated Web2.0 website.


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